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The Ogopogo Legend

"N'ha-A-Itk", the 'sacred creature of the water', or 'lake demon', was originally a demon possessed man who had committed murder. At the mercy of Aboriginal gods, he was sentenced to eternal fate in Okanagan Lake. Punishment for his crime. It is still believed by some, that this lake monster, of giant proportions, lives in an underwater cave off Squally Point, a rough stretch of water near Rattlesnake Island, across from Peachland BC. • Ogo Pogo is dark green in color • estimated at one to two feet in diameter • and approximately 15 to 50 feet long, with a snake like body. • His head is said to resemble that of a goat head with a beard or a horse. • He moves at high speeds, and swims against the current. • He is elusive, and shy. Is Ogopogo out there? I'm not sure I want to spend a day watching the lake for him, but there are some amazing photo opps. in the Okanagan Valley...not to mention wine! Join us, October 22 to 30, 2016 for our Okanagan Click and Sip tour.

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