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Surge Narrows

Surge Narrows Provincial Park is located on the south end of Maurelle Island, east of Quadra Island off central Vancouver Island. The park also encompasses a small slice of Quadra Island and the narrows in between the two islands.

A unique feature of this park are the tidal rapids caused by the convergence of two flood tides. This natural occurrence, located in the middle of the park, gives the park its name. With its high tidal changes and many reefs, this park has ideal conditions for marine life. Sea urchins, sea cucumbers, sea stars and anemones flourish in these prime conditions. Seals, otters and eagles are also often spotted here.

Views and photo opps of the tidal rapids, and potentially the wildlife, can be found at the end of a 3 km hike (rated as moderate) on the Quadra Island side. Perhaps a great place for a picnic lunch?

This is one of several spots VG Photography Tours hopes to visit (weather permitting) on our Whales and Bears tour to Campbell River next fall. Please join us!

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