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Blow Me Down Provincial Park

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Blow Me Down Provincial Park is situated on a peninsula between Lark and York Harbours. Magnificent views of the Blow Me Down mountains and the Bay of Islands make this park one of the most scenic locations in the area to visit.

There are several opportunities for hiking within the park; The trail to the look-out is a half kilometre. Much of the hike is board walk and steps. There are two trails to the observation tower, one from the day use parking lot and the second from the camping loop. Follow the signs and do not miss Governor's Staircase, a unique walk framed by rocks that were formed over 450 million years ago. Look closely, some of the rock appears to be flowing like a small stream. After a 1/2 hour walk you will be well rewarded by the view at the top of the tower. Imagine standing there as Captains surveyed the Bay of Islands and both York and Lark Harbours!

Look north to the fishing community of Lark Harbour. Imagine the men rowing their dories in with a load of herring, lobster or cod. See the children and other family members turning the codfish on the flakes and shooing the flies. Look beyond the wharfs, stores and stages, the neatly packed houses congregate on a natural terrace and above them rise the limestone cliffs of the 250 metre high Murray Mountain.

Look to the northeast out past Tortoise Mountain. Three main islands (Guernsey, Tweed and Pearl) crowd the entrance to the Bay of Islands, once known as Baie de Trois Isles by the French. At least a dozen other islands are in the bay. Wood's Island, to the east (where we also plan to visit), had a thriving fishing community. Governor's Island, to the southeast, was used by nearby communities for haymaking and potato growing. Cranberries are still picked there. Look beyond the island and see the Blow Me Down Mountains. According to legend, Captain Messervey anchored his boat below this mountain range and said "I hope they don't blow-me-down"!

(excerpted from Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation;

We have planned a day exploring and photographing along the Humber Arm, to Blow Me Down Provincial Park and Bottle Cove. This may be the perfect day to brush up on your macro/close-up skills. Join Barry for an ‘in-the-field’ workshop.

The Viking Trail; Newfoundland Photography Experience 2018. June 16-29.

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