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Yukon Gold!

Just the name brings visions of riches and adventure. But the Yukon brings much more to the soul than to your bank account. The North is a special place to visit and to explore, but it is a Magical place to photograph.

In the Spring the land is coming out of a long winters sleep and the flora and fauna explode back to life with a brilliance of colour and new life. The sun works on not going to sleep for the summer and the days get longer and longer.

Summer can be warmer than many areas in Canada and with long days and short nights it is strange how one doesn’t need as much sleep.

But the Fall is my favourite time to visit the North. Days are getting shorter and the photographic light is better for so much longer in the day. The low level of the sun gives much more time to shoot in the Photographer’s Golden Hour. The fall can bring cooler nights but that is what the forest is waiting for to change into it’s fall coat of colours. The other thing that one must be aware of is that the bugs are almost non-existent. The cool mornings are ripe for getting out early to catch a sunrise, and you don’t have to stay up late to get the sunsets and there is more time for photographing Aurora.

With over 60 different species of Willow in the Yukon and the fact that each one turns a slightly different colour the landscape is painted gold, red and yellow. Aspen, Larch trees as well as the underbrush, add to the colour of the landscape as well. Mammals are also at their photographic best having spent the summer fattening up, growing antlers, a winter coat and generally being in the best shape of the year. There is a chance of seeing Grizzly and Black bear, Moose, Sheep, Deer, Caribou and the list goes on. The change in the season also kicks off the Fall Bird Migration, so there is a chance to see some good size flocks of birds as well as some local birds that stay for the winter.

B. Giles

Our Fall “Yukon Gold” photography tour this year is divided into two parts. August 18 to 24 will lead us North of Whitehorse to Dawson City the heart of the Yukon Gold rush, where we can visit the history of the city and the area. We will also be spending some time in Tombstone Territorial Park exploring some trails and seeing what colours mother nature has painted the landscape. The trails we are going to hike are not that long but they will get us out of the valley and into the high country to see some spectacular vistas.

The second part of the tour starts back in Whitehorse on August 25 to September 3. On this section of the tour we will be exploring around Whitehorse including the White Pass, Carcross, (including the worlds smallest desert) we will also visit the towns of Taigish and Fraser. From here we will make our way to Haines Junction on the door step to Kluane National Park. Day trips out into the National Park as well as into Northern British Columbia will allow us to see the wilderness that is the North.

We invite you to do one or the other of these trips and we will give you a deal if you chose both. Please check out the itineraries on “Where we are Going” link.

B. Giles

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