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Trinity Newfoundland

The 2019 edition of the Newfoundland Photography Experience tour will be staying in Trinity Newfoundland for six nights; June 20th to 26th.

The town of Trinity is located on the Bonavista Peninsula roughly 270 km north and west of St. John’s. Trinity boasts of a history dating back over 450 years when Trinity Bay was a summer cod fishing station used by English West Country migratory fisherman.

Trinity, or Trinity Harbour saw its busiest period from roughly the mid-1700s to the mid 1800s. The merchant trade in Trinity was significant and dominated the social and economic life. By the late 18th Century, the merchant firms in Trinity were operating 35 ocean-going ships, exporting, among other things, 100,000 quintals (hundredweights) of dried cod annually. By the 1730’s Trinity Harbour was also well established as a shipbuilding center.

Because of its considerable past, the preservation of many of its historic buildings and records, and the restoration of some merchant premises, Trinity retains much of the look and flavour of a 19th-century town. The Trinity Historical Society ( plays a major role in this preservation and restoration. Some of the buildings/sites that have been restored, refurbished &/or reconstructed include;

The Roman Catholic Church of the Most Holy Trinity, built in 1833. It is one of the oldest standing buildings and the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Newfoundland.

St. Paul’s Anglican Church, an impressive

Gothic Revival edifice constructed between 1892 and 1894 and called the "Gem of the Diocese" when consecrated.

The Lester-Garland House, a reconstruction of the original 1763 – 1764 house, was probably the first brick structure of its type in Newfoundland.

The Green Family Forge. The Green Family practiced as blacksmiths in Trinity since before 1750. The present smithy was built between 1895 and 1900 and was last in use in 1955.

The Court House, Gaol and General Building were constructed in 1903. In addition to the court and jail, the building housed the police constable and his family, the Customs House, the Magistrate’s Office and the Post & Telegraph Office.

Fort Point Military Site (Admiral’s Point/Fort Point Lighthouse) was fortified in 1746 with three batteries mounting 18 guns, a store house, a powder magazine, barracks for 224 soldiers and a pavilion for 9 officers, all surrounded by parapets and palisades. In 1871 a lighthouse was constructed there. It was rebuilt and a fog horn added in 1921. A stop here is included in our itinerary.

We have left time for you to explore, photograph and perhaps souvenir shop in and around the town of Trinity. For an amazing view of Trinity, Trinity Harbour and Fort Point, make the short climb up the Gun Hill trail.

Trinity is also home to the Rising Tide Theatre,, established in 1978. We have dinner and show reservations!

Although his history doesn’t date as far back as that of Trinity, Captain Kris of Sea of Whales Adventures, grew up in the area fishing with his uncles. He has been in the whale watching industry for over 20 years. If they are out there, he will find them for us and position his boat for optimal photography. Several different species of whale visit the waters around the Bonavista Peninsula including Humpback, Sperm, Pilot, Minke, Fin and occasionally Orca. Kris can also show us the unique geography of the coastline, maneuvering his 25 foot zodiac in close, or backing off for those scenic shots. We may also spot dolphins, porpoises, eagles and various seabirds including puffins and northern gannets. And icebergs are often plentiful this time of year.

Kris says, “It is our hope that you will walk off the boat feeling educated and enlightened by the experience...” We have two ‘on the water’ outings planned with Kris while in Trinity.

Also from our base in Trinity, we plan on exploring the Bonavista Peninsula including visits to Old and New Bonaventure, the puffin colony at Elliston, Tickle Cove, the Kings Cove Lighthouse, Keels, Bonavista and the Cape Bonavista Lighthouse, and, weather permitting a hike ​​along the Skerwink Trail, a 5 km loop that skirts the north and south coasts of Skerwink Head, a rocky peninsula that separates Trinity’s harbour from Port Rexton’s. All have the potential for some amazing photographs.

And all along the way Barry will be there with hints, tips and suggestions to help make your photos even better!

Please join us for the Newfoundland Photography Experience Tour, 2019, June 15 – 30. Please request your copy of the detailed itinerary for this tour via the Contact Us page.

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