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A Different Kind of Wild!

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

Most of you know Barry as a Natural History, Wildlife and Landscape photographer, but his early days brought him to the sport of road rallying. He shot his first rally in 1973 and has shot rally cars almost every year, except for the three years he drove his own rally car, since. Barry also taught Motor Sport photography at SAITPolytechnic for about 20 years.

This last weekend (March 2-3, 2019) the Cochrane Winter rally was run and Barry was there; minus 37 C standing in the Alberta foothills. Keeping both himself and the camera gear warm was the first order of business. The biggest thing that one has to be aware of is that battery power is about half at below zero, and a lot less when it is -37C! Turning off the camera between cars helps to keep battery power...and stops you from taking pictures of the inside of your coat when you are trying to keep the camera warm. ;-)))

It is always fun, but you have to remember that Motor Sports can be a dangerous sport for both participants and spectators. You have to be sure to stay safe while watching and/or photographing them. A longer zoom lens is a preferred lens of choice. Camera set to continuous focus, continuous frames and holding the camera correctly gives you a good position for follow zoom shots. Sort of like shooting birds in flight but with big, loud, fast and low flying birds!

If you would like to learn more, or are interested in giving this type of photography a try, please send Barry a note through the Contact Us page.

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