VG Photography Tours Emphasizes Learning Experience

VG Photography Tours wants each tour to be not just fun, but also a learning experience. We want to help you become an even better photographer! By keeping our group small, there is plenty of opportunity (if you wish it) for one-on-one time with Barry, our Professional Photography Instructor.

Barry has over 35 years experience teaching photography skills at a college level ; Scenic, Wildlife, Landscape, Action and Macro. His vast knowledge of nature and natural history can be put to good use helping you identify what you’re seeing and photographing.


We can help you with your camera:

  • Lens selection

  • Stabilization; tripods, monopods, bean bags, etc.

  • Settings; ISO, aperture, shutter speeds and their relationship.

  • Exposure compensation and exposure bracketing

  • Depth of Field (DoF)

  •  Understanding the histogram

  • Using filters


















We can help you with your photography technique:

  • Composition

  • Lighting

  • HDR

  • BIFS (birds in flight)

  • Panning

  • Wildlife action

  • Night and low light/light painting

  • Photographing from a small boat (see Barry’s previous blog post)


There is always something to learn! Join us for one of our upcoming tours!