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Total Immersion Photography

They say that to learn a language quickly, immerse yourself in it totally. The same can be said about learning the Craft of Photography. Yes you can learn the basics from a book, but when you put it into practice you “Get it”. I was once told, “They tried to teach swimming in a class room. But when they put the teachings into practice in the pool, most of the students drown.” The idea is that if you put a theory into practice and then repeat the process you become better at it. Learning is not a static process and with 24 years of teaching High School as well as 36 years of teaching photography, I am aware of a number of different learning styles and approaches.

Total immersion in photography can be like taking a dive into the deep end, but if there is someone that can move you through the processes then you learn and grow.

On a Photography Tour you can move through the stages of learning at your own pace and ask questions as they arise, all the way from the basics to more advanced ideas and situations. Getting up early in the morning, moving through the day with different ideas and challenges and then into the evening and even into the night.

This opportunity is what we will be offering to all levels of Photographers for beginners to advanced. With a small group there will be plenty of time to explore different ideas as well as the places that we are visiting. Working with you to explore new ideas as well as ways of seeing that may be new to you.

Come immerse yourself in the Photographic Craft as well as see a new part of Canada with VG Photography Tours.

Our tour offerings for 2018 include;

The Viking Trail, Newfoundland, June 16 - 29.

Yukon Gold!

Whitehorse/Dawson City/Tombstone Territorial Park, August 18 - 24.

Whitehorse/Haines Junction/Kluane National Park, August 25 - September 3.

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